A sneak peak into the Berkshire Hathaway porfolio

Stocks owned in September 2023

Dear Investors,

Let’s have a sneak peak into which stocks Berkshire Hathaway owns.

Sincerely, Raj

This portfolio is not exclusively run by Warren Buffett anymore. He has two fund managers, Ted and Todd. There are also holdings by insurance subsidiaries.


  • Portfolio date: 30 September 2023

  • No. of stocks: 45

  • Portfolio value: $313 257 311 000

The top 80% by value

The top 80% of the portfolio consists of five shares:

  • Apple ($156 billion)

  • Bank of America ($28 billion)

  • American Express ($22 billion)

  • Coca-Cola ($22 billion)

  • Chevron ($18 billion)

Stocks added recently

  • Liberty Media - live entertainment company, who own Formula One

  • Sirius XM - audio entertainment.

  • Atlanta Braves - own and operates the Atlanta Braves baseball team, stadium and certain real estate.

The Atlanta Braves seems like an early stage investment. In fact, the shares are called Series C, which refers to a venture capital financing round. The company is not yet profitable. This is an interesting choice.

Stocks sold recently

Berkshire sold the following:

  • Chevron - petrochemical products.

  • HP Inc - imaging and printing products, computers, etc.

  • AON - risk and insurance.

  • Amazon - online retail and web services.

  • Markel Group - speciality insurance underwriter.

  • Globe Life - life and health insurance.

Index trackers

Don’t be too concerned about Berkshire owning index trackers, Buffett has made it clear that Berkshire does not invest in trackers. These are usually held by insurance subsidiaries for their purposes.

  • SPDR S&P 500

  • Vanguard S&P 500 ETF

The complete Berkshire Hathaway portfolio

Berkshire Hathaway portfolio - Sep 2023

Companies that we may look at in future

Berkshire has quite a varied portfolio, lots of insurance and financial services. Some of the names in the portfolio are interesting and we might look at them in future. For now, here’s the list of what we think is interesting:

  • Verisign

  • NVR

  • Apple

  • Stone Co

  • Sirius XM

  • Moodys Corporation

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